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॥ स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमदः ॥

Interactive LIVE Digital Whiteboard Classes from Class VI to XII

ENJOY real-like experience in taking the LIVE CLASSES from ARUN SIR.

Intensive Test-Series & Weekly Quizzes

ENJOY the charm and effect of Time-based Online and Offline Tests every Sunday.

Mind-Empowering NLP for
Peak Performance in Academics

Learn the most effective Mind-Technology with the potential to resolve most of the Mind-Related and Emotional issues..

Personalized Mentoring and Guidance

Individual attention to each student even in group-classes. Customized self-study plan for each student.

Scholar’s Secrets for
the Budding Scholars

Special TIPs & TRICKs for excellence in academics as discovered by the toppers.

Learning the Secrets of
Vedic Mathematics

Learn rapid-calculation techniques based on the Samskrita Sutras.

Free Student-Resources
and Counselling

All self-study and inspirational resources for students at one platform.

Premium Study-Material, Class-Recordings (A+V), Mind-Maps
& Re-vision Notes

Get PDF Notes of each class on the same day of class and the video-recordings by the next day into your drive/group.

Lifetime Support with ASK Gurukul Forums

Get lifetime guidance through “ASK (Arun Singh Kranti) Gurukul Forums/Groups”.

Visual~Auditory~Kinaesthetic Learning

Arun Sir explores the personal subconscious learning-mechanism of each student and gives advises accordingly.

Memory-Mastery Program

Learn to control your memory. i.e. What to retain forever, what for sometime and what to forget.

Total Transformation Techniques
for Students

Discover and develop the Unlimited Power that exists unexplored inside you. Special Meditation Sessions for Students.


And Miles to Go

Launching programs for competitive exams soon.

Arun Singh KRANTI (ASK)

(Creator of Atharvā SECRETS)

Master Coach of Mathematics & Science
Student NLP Master-Trainer
Memory Mastery Coach
Vedic Mathematics Coach
Founder of Powersynth Parenting
Academic Peak Performance Coach

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