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  • Master Coach of Mathematics & Science
  • Student NLP Master-Trainer
  • Memory Mastery Coach
  • Vedic Mathematics Coach
  • Founder of Powersynth Parenting
  • Academic Peak Performance Coach

    Living Mastery mentor, coach of many life-coaches, vedic astrologer, founder of अथर्वा NLP, founder of MahāprāṇiK Healing, founder of Daivajña Numerology, वैदिक Laws of Attraction coach, True-Success mentor, व्यक्तित्व Development coach, family and relationships counselor, corporate counselor, authorship counselor, sports counselor, अन्तःप्राज्ञत्व Meditation coach, Reality Manifestation coach, Living-in-Happiness coach, Youniversal Laws of Leadership coach, Mudras healer, Mantra therapist, palmist, Kundalini researcher, वैदिक Pilgrimage guide, Rudraksha-healer, author and poet (have written 14 books yet) and a re-evolutionary.